Alkane Energy Plc – Summary
Alkane Energy plc (AIM: ALK) is a fast growing owner and operator of “Gas to Power” plants. Our strategically located gas source is coal mine methane (CMM) extracted from abandoned collieries in the UK and Germany.
Company Highlights to year end 2008 were:

Alkane Energy plc grew from an idea conceived in 1994 to capture methane from abandoned coal mines for use as fuel in a similar way to landfill gas. The company was established in Nottinghamshire by Dr. Cameron Davies and from 1996 was funded by an Apax venture capital fund. In 2000, it was floated on the London Stock Exchange. The company has built and now operates decentralised 10 power-generation plants using its own reserves of gas from abandoned coal mines. In the past 15 years Alkane has become a leading European player in the design, construction and operation of CMM gas to power plants. In the framework of CoMeth Alkane takes part in the working package 1: Basics on country situation.

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